Life life

Wow its been quite a while since I , write on my blog..
Anyways last june 22nd I reached my second year in SINGAPORE and 2years as an OFW(overaeas filipino worker):)

But until now as of now, there are only ,4great things I like in SG.


I dont know, but for the last 2years it havent change.

Im planning to live SG tgis December but it seems, it will be a bit impossible simply because I dont have enough savings yet, hehehe….

Anyways I think I need to enjoy everyday that I had here in this foreign land..

I must be looking on those gteat things this country have to offer.

I still have 1year in SG….

Super smile…wahehehe

Smile smile.


Serious mode..


My very stressed feet,working 12hours a day,6days a week..NO O.T…..


During off day, just eat m&m chocolate and coke in Cinema..


Hopefully next time I will have a girlfriend to take photo withme..a bit tired of taking photo of myself and alone….


At the back of my apartment…


Seems I need to workout more..fatttt..grrrrr


My favorite animé NARUTO I always sleep late because of watching this…

Okei till next time…

Life in Foreign Land:)


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